Monday, November 10, 2008

Hello from Zilly

Well, I've done it, I've decided to blog. It took seeing a photo of my work go international, mostly due to bloggers, to convince me it was time.

I've named my blog Zillycake's Meditations, because most of the creative work I do is a meditation of sorts for me. That is why I always feel calmer and more at peace when I'm working on a cake or cookie project.

So, stay tuned for lots of pictures, stories, and musings about starting a new small business and trying to be creative and organized at the same time!

Constructive and/or positive comments are welcome but if you are cynical or sarcastic by nature find someone else's rainbow to piss on. Thanks.


Charlie said...

I'm a nerd on blogging. Maybe this will get me educated -- or at least started. DAD

cjdunn said...

Zilly: I'm here with my kids, Isa and Joaquin, and were looking at your beautiful cupcake montage of our next president-- I've been on a high all week! Well done! We were with Carolyn a couple of weeks ago while she was in New Orleans. Congratulations on Zillycakes! Christopher Dunn

Charlie said...

I now have your Blogspot on my iPhone!

Carolyn said...

hi, not here to piss on your rainbow, just here to (virtually) devour your delicacies!! how's that for a titillating sentence??


Anonymous said...

I personally would like to thank Zilly and the staff over at ZILLYCAKES for creating such a phenomenal birthday cupcake arrangement for me. The cupcakes consist of Chocolate and Vanilla filling inside of each one of the 28 Chocolate and Vanilla cupcakes topped with Red Fondant and an edible White Calla Lily. This breathe taking cupcake was the perfect gift for my wife to be. I am so glad I ordered 28 of them! Once again thanks so much, and I will be a walking testimony for Zillycakes!!

~BJ Stuckey